Based in St. Louis, MO, I-44 Express provides same day delivery and courier service to customers throughout the state and to some cities in Illinois.

As a premier partial freight shipping company in the Midwest, our customers rely on us as their personal carrier for all of their time-sensitive delivery needs.

We provide expedited shipping transportation solutions to business all over Missouri and to some cities in Illinois, with direct service and direct shipments to all points within your company's service area, including:

Airport Delivery

Need something picked up from or delivered to the airport? I-44 Express can pick up or deliver your shipment, regardless of size.

Cross Docking

We move your product; whether it's a partial skid, an entire skid, or multiple skids; from your plant and deliver it directly to your specified location, without handling in between.

Freight Consolidation

We optimize your existing logistics and drive transportation costs down by combining shipments with the same destination (or in close proximity) to help you make the most of your operations.

Hazardous Materials Handling

Our reliable drivers are certified to transport hazardous materials, delivering your shipment safely and swiftly.

Local Delivery

Need a large shipment transported within city limits? I-44 Express will pick up your items and deliver them exactly where they need to go. 

Third Party Delivery

If your company needs a shipment delivered to or from another company, I-44 Express simply needs the details from you to schedule the transportation.

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