I-44 Express Trucking is committed to providing the highest quality same day delivery service to our customers.

To help you determine if our services match your delivery needs, we've listed answers to some frequently asked questions.

If your question does not appear below, please contact our customer relations office and we'll do our best to answer your inquiry.

How do I find out how much my delivery will cost?

Please complete a Get a Same-Day Delivery Quote and someone from our customer relations office will be in touch with you to schedule your delivery. 

How do I arrange to have my shipment transported by I-44 Express Trucking?

Simply complete a Pick Up Request and we will contact you shortly to schedule your delivery.

What kinds of products does I-44 Express transport?

I-44 Express will deliver general freight, including hazardous materials.

Are there any materials I-44 Express will not transport?

I-44 Express does not provide refrigerated transportation. We do not transport tanker products, such as fuel.

What is LTL and does I-44 Express provide it?

Freight carriers in the U.S. offer two types of service: Full Truckload (FTL) service or Less-Than-Truckload or less than truckload (LTL) service. I-44 Express Trucking provides LTL services throughout Missouri and to some cities in Illinois. 

While the FTL carriers move full containers or trucks of one product from one customer on larger trucks, LTL carriers move goods from many different customers.

I-44 Express uses a fleet of 26-foot box trucks to transport a variety of goods for customers all over Missouri and to come cities in Illlinois. 

Is I-44 Express Trucking hiring drivers?

I-44 Express maintains a database of qualified drivers to service our full fleet of trucks. If you are interested in employment with I-44 Express, please fill out the Employment Application Form found on the Careers page.

How do I determine how big my shipment is when scheduling the pick up with I-44 Express?

Skids or pallets are measured as 40 inches X 40 inches. The weight (in pounds) of the shipment is also needed.

What is the largest shipment I-44 Express can deliver on one truck?

I-44 Express can pick up and deliver any size shipment for your company. We can fit twelve skids on one truck. If your shipment requires additional space, we'll use as many trucks as needed. Our drivers will arrive when scheduled and get your shipment to its destination when you need it there.

How small can my shipment be to qualify for your services?

It can be as small as you like. We have a minimum charge for five pounds or less.

What is your service area? 

Please see our Service Area Map to see if we deliver to your destination. You can also access a list of cities we service in Missouri and Illinois by viewing our Coverage Area.

What if I don't see my location on the Coverage Area?

If you don't see your city on our Coverage Area, please call 844.894.4449 (toll free) or 314.894.4449 (local) to see if your location is on our delivery route.

What if my merchandise gets damaged?

I-44 Express Trucking has one of the lowest damage records in the country. Our drivers do everything they can to ensure that your shipment arrives intact and on time. They carefully load and unload your merchandise. If, however, your merchandise is damaged, please see directions on the Safety & Guarantee page for further instructions.

Are your drivers insured?

Yes, our drivers are fully insured. Our company is committed to safety and reliability so that your shipment can arrive when you need it to arrive.

What is a bill of lading and how does it work with my shipment?

A bill of lading is a document issued by I-44 Express Trucking that details the list of items, including weight and description of the merchandise, that are delivered to the receiver of the goods.

What if I have a Missouri-based trucking business I want to sell?

If you own a MO-based trucking company and are interested in selling it, we'd like to talk to you. Please call 844.894.4449 (toll free) or 314.894.4449 (local) or contact us.